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    Top 5 Sophisticated Home Designs

    Top 5 Sophisticated Home Designs

    Steel framed windows

    Perhaps the most famous example of steel-framed windows is Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece Fallingwater in Mill Run, PA, designed in 1935. Not surprisingly, this style is back in vogue. Wright’s concept of organic architecture seems entirely designed for the 21st century, a time when many people are interested in a back-to-nature approach in their home designs and lifestyles.

    Steel windows are thinly lined, incredibly strong, low maintenance, and work with a number of styles. For example, it can swing out, swing in, casement, canopy, and many other shapes to suit your needs. If you have a solid steel partition that makes your home look enclosed, consider a steel framed wall with a glass door to save some space. Large panels with slim frames are a classic look that brightens up any home.

    Also, your remake doesn’t have to be as difficult as it was for Frank Lloyd Wright. In 1934, when he decided to remodel Kauffman’s summer house over a waterfall at Bear Run (what would later become Fallingwater), he had to hire a survey team that probably took about ten times as long as it takes today to get it. Included information. In 2018, PPM can complete your survey in an hour or two and have it delivered back to you in about a week.

    Not to say we’re better than Frank Lloyd Wright or his team. This would, of course, be blasphemous for fans of architects like us. He didn’t have access to 3D laser scanners and CAD software like we do today.

    Dark Cabinet Colors

    Don’t be afraid to add some darker color to your kitchen palette. You might think that dark = dull or too dangerous, but the truth is that dark cabinets can add a lot of depth and calm to your kitchen. If light colors are meant to invigorate, darker colors are meant to provide the calming peace of mind you can’t get from bright blues or yellows.

    Black and gray are generally the go-to options if you’re looking for traditional dark colors, and add a modern, sophisticated look to most kitchens, but consider dark green, red, or brown if you want something a little less traditional.

    Just remember, when using dark colors, make sure you have a few accents that add some contrasting color to your kitchen. Dark, monochromatic colors can be very annoying and gothic, so find a brighter color that complements your cabinets and use it in moderation.

    There’s no more important place in your home for more accurate built-in measurements than in your kitchen. If you are looking for stylish, custom cabinets, you want to be absolutely sure that they will perfectly fit your space. Our laser scanners measure up to 1/8 inch or even smaller, so you can be 100% confident in what you’re working with.

    Elegant Transferable Residence

    Convertible and multipurpose pieces are so trendy right now that it’s no wonder. Everyone is looking for ways to make their home feel more open and comfortable and not many of us have much space to work with. Consider investing in a stylish Murphy bed, foldable furniture that can be stowed away, or walls and partitions that can be reconfigured to dramatically change the look of your home.

    This trend is about practicality and innovative design that will make your home more than just a sober and solid environment. With these functional accessories, you can be active and engaged with your surroundings like never before.

    A Southern California-born company, so we understand how important (and expensive!) every square inch of your home is. There is a reason why hundreds of architects have chosen PPM as their partner in the creation process. No matter how much space you have, we can provide you with the information you need to maximize your space.

    Terrazzo floors and walls

    Perhaps one of the most controversial design trends for 2019 is terrazzo floors and walls. Some experts say they have run their course, while others say they are just getting started. We think they still look great, so we decided to include them on this list. Terrazzo is a popular 1950s style, created by pressing stone chips into concrete. This gives the floor or wall a lively and cohesive look that can be created in any number of colors.

    These days, terrazzo is everywhere. You can buy terrazzo bags, plates, pillows and rugs. The design has become so popular that it has surpassed its original use. Regardless, its popularity has always been based on the fact that terrazzo can complement a natural and natural look, which would be ideal for both the steel framed windows and the darker cabinets we mentioned before, or you can go for brighter colors that have a more playful vibe that is perfect for a kids room or filled bathroom by light.

    If you’re looking to remodel your walls or floors, our detailed surveys will help you and your architect figure out how your design ideas best fit into your planning. If you have a large or funky floor plan, don’t worry. We can complete your As-Built plans without you having to take any action.

    Rustic brass fittings

    Back in the day, in the mid-90s, to be exact, brass was a popular material for faucets, knobs, frames, etc., and it’s been back in style over the past couple of years, but not quite in the same way. Brass in the 1990s was much more lustrous than the variety used today. Just like the steel windows and organic-looking terrazzo floors, copper that is all the rage these days is warmer and more antique. It’s not made to stand out, but to have an old world charm that compliments pretty much any decor. Also, if you are considering using darker cabinets, just imagine what a cool contrast of copper against a black or dark green color palette can make.

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