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    How to Make a Mobile Home look like a Home

    What is the secret of creating mobile homes that look like homes?

    The real key to making mobile homes that look like homes is customization. When people think of mobile homes, they think of mass-produced homes. However, by modifying the standard chassis to suit your needs and tastes, you can transform your mobile home to look like a house built in the shape of a stick.

    1) Infrastructure

    Making a few infrastructure changes can go a long way in making your mobile home feel like a home.

    These can be small building projects such as:

    – Installing new doors (interior and exterior):

    Whether you’re buying a low-end or luxury mobile home, standard interior doors are cheap hollow core doors. On cheaper models, the exterior doors are aluminum while the more expensive models are made of steel. Updating interior doors will completely change the aesthetic of the interior. Upgrading exterior doors will allow you to increase security by adding door and lock perforations.

    – Installing new windows:

    Standard windows that come with caravans are of lower quality than might be desirable. By upgrading your windows, you can add style and save a few bucks. Just be sure to install energy efficient windows.

    Your infrastructure changes may also include more major construction projects, such as:

    – Adding a porch:

    Building a porch as an addition to your mobile home is an excellent way to ruin the look of your mobile home. When people see the balcony, they immediately associate it with a traditional permanent residence.

    – Installing Your Home Over a Basement Basement:

    This project is only for those who have the money. You should also plan to stay in the area permanently or at least for an extended period of time. Modifications must be made to the portable home to allow access to the basement area, so be sure to follow HUD’s guidelines.

    – High ceiling:

    Increasing the slope of the ceiling to at least 4 feet will make it look like a mobile home. There are also practical benefits such as rain and snow falling easily.

    – Interior touches

    Since your infrastructure now looks “home-like,” what are some interior touches you can add to polish the look?

    Here are the following tips that can get you started on the right track:

    – Install crown molding and trim:

    These are not features you often find in the mobile homes. Since they are expensive and time consuming to install, you usually only find them in high-end mobile home models. As a budget project, this is something you can try on your own.

    – Replacement Fittings:

    Cabinet door handles, light fixtures, faucets, etc. that come with a motorhome are standard. Replacing it with a more elegant one can add a sense of luxury to your home. Especially if you have invested in bigger projects like raising the ceiling.

    – Replacing blinds with blinds:

    This is a simple way to get rid of the “manufactured” feeling and add texture to your interior design. Plus, if you’ve replaced old windows, this is a great way to highlight your cool new windows.

    – Replacing Kitchen Countertops:

    The plastic worktops that come with your mobile home are exactly what one would expect to find. Choose a material that suits you best and fits your budget. It doesn’t have to be marble, just a material you love.

    – Replace Bathroom Sinks, Bathtubs, and Showers:

    This project can end up being a bit pricey to do. While the plastic sinks, tubs, and showers that come with mobile homes are durable, they don’t have the pleasing aesthetics of those in a stick-built home.

    2) Exterior Touches

    A few small, inexpensive exterior touches can change the look of your mobile home for visitors.

    Some of these changes include:

    – Painting Exterior Walls:

    Just like a home, adding a coat of paint can go a long way to freshening up a building. A neutral color such as white, gray, or light brown will provide a beautiful backdrop for colorful trim around windows and doors.

    – Add new decoration around windows and doors:

    Bright decorations around the windows, which contrast with the color of the exterior wall, can add a warm, sophisticated charm to your mobile home.

    – Install Awnings:

    Awnings add an element of homey whimsy to the design. It is also practical because it helps keep your home cool. If you have a garden, one way to choose an canopy color is to pick a color from one of the flowers in the garden.

    – Install the shutters:

    This is another opportunity to add a functional design element as well. Storm shutters are meant to protect your windows from hurricanes, storm force winds, etc. Check Home Advisor to learn about the different types of storm shutters and their average cost.

    – Edge Installation:

    While you can have a lot of options in vinyl, consider other materials that are suitable for your taste and pocket. Edges add structure to your exterior design, and no matter what material you choose to use, they also add texture.

    3) Landscaping

    The design of the land around your mobile home is just as important as the design of the mobile home itself. Planting flower beds and shrubs on the grounds surrounding your mobile home can transform your home from a simple mobile home into a cozy cottage.

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