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    2022: Top 5 New Style Homes

    Top 5 New Style Homes

    Warm simplicity will make waves in interior design trends 2022

    The minimalist interior design has captured our hearts for years. It will continue in 2022 as well. So, the mantra “less is more” will remain relevant to this year’s home design trends. However, we’re going to see a whole new kind of simplification this year. In 2022, the warmer version of minimalist style rules the new home design trends.

    Now, you might be wondering what warm minimalism is! Well, it’s a minimalist design look with warmer details. So, instead of the plain white color palette that usually rules minimalist interiors, we’ll see plenty of bright yellow, cream, and off-white in popular interior design styles. We’ll also see a lot more walnut and oak in place of the gray wood designs. The warm simplicity also brings in plenty of hand-woven fabrics. These create a more homely vibe than the simple, classic appeal of the great.

    Some of the features of a warm minimalist design are:

    • Yellow, tan and cream tones are essential to this new home design
    • Multifunctional furnishings will rule this trendy interior design style
    • Oak and walnut furniture pieces are an integral part of warm simplicity
    • Add handwoven rugs and throws to keep the design’s homey appeal

    Personal designs are driving home design trends in 2022

    While minimalist interiors will undoubtedly be trending this year, we’ll also see a lot of personalized interior design trends in 2022. So you’ll see plenty of designs curated with mixed styles, hyper combinations, and extreme themes. From user-focused furniture pieces to lifestyle-centric layouts, 2022 will be all about you!

    “When you go design your home, think about enjoying this space for the next five or seven years. It is therefore imperative that your home is about you. Make sure you love it, and it will love you the back. That’s what makes a home a home. And at Design Cafe, we prioritize customization over anything.” Else. We believe the homes are an extension of their members. This is why we design curated and customized furnishings and layouts – the two main pillars of extreme design,” says Tasneem Arsiwala, Lead Design Chemist at Design Cafe, Mumbai.

    So embrace your own custom style to create an expressive space and align with the home design trends of 2022. Mix and match design styles and even tweak the rules to build a home as unique as you are.

    Some of the features of the custom home design trends 2022 are:

    • Color palettes to suit your taste
    • Decorations that don’t match one design theme
    • Furniture and storage customized to your requirements

    Bohemian will be another popular interior design style

    Another important interior trend in 2022 will be bohemian themes. Bohemian is a non-conformist interior style that celebrates freedom. It is a carefree design feature that does not follow structure. Think carefree layering with relaxed textures and color palettes. The essence of the bohemian aesthetic is that it is a personal and relaxed design style. Like extremes, bohemian is also about expressing your own unique and individual style. However, he does not follow strict rules like the previous ones.

    Some of the features of bohemian design include:

    • Features neutral and bold colors, depending on your taste
    • This design is the inspired by art, literature and music
    • Indoor the plants are an essential part of this design theme
    • Layering eclectic patterns is popular in bohemian interiors

    Home design trends? Open space designs are as well!

    In 2022, homes will continue to be a convenient place for meetings and hangouts. Thus, you will see a lot of open plan designs ruling the interior design trends of 2022. We will see free and carefree design cues for homes – from open kitchens to open living areas. However, to make these open spaces feel more warm and homely, we’ll see plenty of personalized furnishings.

    From multifunctional TV units to sectional sofas and purposeful crockery units – we’ll see plenty of user-focused furniture to fill open spaces. These open plan homes will also see lots of bright colors and patterned rugs to make the spacious areas feel cozier.

    Some of the main features of Open Space design are:

    • This 2022 interior trend features a mix of bright and vibrant colors
    • Glass partitions are scattered in such spaces to create a visual delineation
    • Multifunctional furniture will continue the trend in open houses

    Crafts are here to stay in interior design trends 2022

    Living with the pandemic for days, most of us have rekindled our inner artist. So, upgrading your home with crafts, artwork, and decorative paintings will continue to be in trend for quite some time. From DIY hanging planters, macrame wall hangings to handmade paintings – these pieces are sure to be the showcase in your home. Craft pieces also add layers to your home’s interiors and help add artistic flair. With the internet full of tutorials on DIY crafts, it’s time to get in on the action. And if art and crafts aren’t your thing, buy them online and get ready to give your home an authentic independent touch.

    Ways to add a subtle touch to your home décor in 2022:

    • DIY hanging planters add a personal touch to your space
    • Accent wall with some murals
    • Handmade crafts pieces and wall hangers elevate the look of your home

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